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Manufacturers of sports equipment offer different types of sit up bench.

Horizontal sit up bench is simple and reliable model, designed to work with dumbbells and a barbell. Buying such a sit up bench can be very cheap, and at the same time they are practical and durable.

Sit Up Benches Reviews

Universal sit up bench are such models that allow users to adjust the slope of the back wall to get a better work out to your abs, legs, back, shoulder girdle. Such devices are often equipped with special leg rollers so you can easily perform a variety of exercises.

Specially designed sit up bench to work with a barbell are of horizontal type, equipped with a special counter. It makes exercises with a barbell as convenient and safe. In addition, sports equipment can have leverage to work out the muscles of the arms and legs and functional stand arm biceps for pumping.

The case of athletic benches is made of durable materials (hardened steel, heavy-duty plastic), confidently withstands heavy loads and designed for a long-term operation.

Universal Sit Up Bench

Sit up bench of convertible type has controlled degree of inclination of the rear wall, which makes their use extremely convenient and efficient. Besides, sit up benches are versatile in use, they allow to work out different muscle groups (upper, middle, lower abs, back, arms, legs, chest, shoulders) and to receive the maximum benefit from the training; They are very helpful in losing weight and relatively compact, so they can be stored without problems in fitness centers and gyms, as well as in home fitness corner.

Their construction provides increased load safety, minimizes the risk of injuries and sprains due to the correct position of the body and thus helps to get a great relief muscles, maintain a cheerful mood and good health. And finally, they provide good local load without excessive strain ligaments and joints.

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