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There is a large variety of simulators for the press. Some of them are compact and easy to use, others bulky, but very effective. For example, one of the most effective simulators – a bench for the press Roman chair. Some models have adjustable backrest angle that allows to exercise a person with any level of training. In addition, another part involves securing the legs in a position that allows you to engage in safe and effective. So, the Roman chair- is not device for pumping the press, but just a way to perform this exercise. Or rather, a way of sitting on the bench. Simply put, it’s a machine, where the legs are fixed at the bottom of a focus, and you are sitting on the dais. This can be as a special bench, and normal stool. A little later there was an improved machine design, where the exercise has become a little easier. This machine with downward slant board, where you sit on the higher end, with legs fixed at the bottom.

First: performing regular back exercises you prepare your musculoskeletal system to tough stresses basic exercises (squats, pulls, presses, etc.) and prevent injuries. Second: erect posture the most significantly effect on the perception of others you personally and your chest muscles, the abdominal muscles and the gluteal muscles in particular. Not everyone knows about the benefits of the Roman chair, what’s a pity.

Roman Chair for Training

In the Roman chairs it is possible to perform all kinds of torso twists in different directions, but the real trainer is a machine with an inclined board, where the athlete is sitting with a higher side of the board with his feet fixed underneath. And the ancestor of this machine had a way of sitting on a chair hips.

So, if you don’t have a special machine, you should not get upset. It can be replaced with the normal stool with no less success. But do the exercise this way is quite difficult, so the athlete comes to this Roman chair landing on such a chair slowly. First sitting conventional manner and then shifting back until your thighs are touching chair. But this method of execution is suitable only for well-trained athletes.

Roman Chair for Training

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