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Plate Tree for Fitness

Any sports equipment requires careful storage. Placement the bar on a plate tree refers to the mandatory safety requirements in gyms. Because it is recommended to form a dumbbell weight with the help of a number of special supports. Specialized equipment is mainly made of steel. It is durable and corrosion-resistant material designed for high loads, even at low thickness profile.

The maximum practical is multilevel model of a plate tree. They take up little space and provide ergonomic placement of all necessary. Plate tree is an indispensable attribute of during training, it provides the necessary insurance working with heavy weights due to its height. Stands for two-way type vultures will fit into the space of even a small gym, which makes them versatile. Good resistance eliminates distortion.

Plate Tree for Workout

Plate tree is designed for compact storage of sports equipment. Now there is no need to purchase separate racks for pancakes and dumbbell racks – with this stand all the sports equipment will not only be carefully stored, but can always be freely available. Plate tree is perfect for gyms, houses, flats. It is well known that when the dumbbell or barbell appears in the family, it is best to give preference to collapsible structures, as for men, women and children completely different load is needed. The fair sex more often prefers small dumbbells, which is convenient to do fitness or aerobics. Barbells and dumbbells are usually preferred by larger stronger sex. Presented plate tree will store all the used units in the same place and at the same time they will be equally accessible.

Robust design of high-quality rolled metal is able to withstand loads up to 175 kg, which is absolutely enough to store a standard set of sports equipment. In the process of training and performing various exercises it is often required for athlete to replace the shell as quickly as possible, for these purposes under the dumbbell rack is simply irreplaceable. In other words, the plate tree can be used as an additional device to different weights.

Plate tree allows a convenient way to place the rod drives for different diameters – from 25 mm to 50 mm. The stand is additionally equipped with special adapters intended for the storage of Olympic discs (d = 50 mm).

Plate Tree for Fitness

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