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Versaclimber is an absolutely unique, unparalleled training device that simulates climbing a fire escape that allows you to simultaneously use your leg muscles, arms, buttocks, back, shoulder girdle. Versaclimber has a number of advantages over other cardio: during exercise you burn much more calories than, for example, stepper, develop endurance, strengthen all muscle groups.
Trainers are designed for intensive training in fitness centers or at home sports halls. They have a robust construction and are designed for heavy use. Professional models equipped with adjustable hydraulic resistance system and the sensor pulse measurement. Position of the handles for the hands can be adjusted in height, depending on your height.

Versaclimber is a high-tech simulator of outdoor type, which helps users to simulate the sport of walking to the smallest detail. You just need to get back on your feet and legs begin to imitate the process of walking, as if this time you are not on the simulator, but on this treadmill.

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The simulator will facilitate this process to you by means of the soft air cushions, which fall down and rise up themselves. These movements can effectively train the internal, external, front and rear leg muscles as well as muscles of the buttocks, hips and back. To do this, you need to make one single movement! And with two elastic cords, you get to working through the shoulder muscles and arms.

So let’s list all the benefits of the simulator: effective study of the abdominal muscles and legs; quickly get rid of the extra kilograms; protect joints against overloads with soft pillows; training pillows allow your body to be in continuous motion.

The simulator shows that Versaclimber is 2 times more efficient than hard training or yoga. You simply walk, as you walk the streets every day. The body itself will lose the extra kilos as fast as if you are a few hours a day intensely engaged on simulators. Just eight weeks of classes on the stepper, and ten extra kilos will disappear forever!

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