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If you want to pump up the pectoral muscles, you need to work hard on this in the gym. Arriving at the modern gym, you can find several variants of trainers for pectoral muscles, but the principle of operation of such simulators is divided into two types: the Side Lateral Raise Machine and stretching.

These two options for breast simulators perfectly complement each other, any professional athlete performs stretching exercises after breast exercises bench press, it is not important to press on the chest of the bar or – on the simulator.

Side Lateral Raise Machine for Workout

The main trainer for the chest, which is based on the principle of press, by right, is considered Side Lateral Raise Machine. On Side Lateral Raise Machine barbell there is no risk of falling on your chest, which budding athletes are afraid of.

The simulator has height adjustment handles layout that allows you to adjust to the hands of any length. Also, adjustable seat height must be chosen in such a way that the handle was approximately at the level of your shoulders.

A Side Lateral Raise Machine is almost ideal for the training of the pectoral muscles on our technique: first, it allows using extremely targeted load, and secondly, reduces the risk of injury. Of course, if used properly!

Machine Side Lateral Raise for Training

For beginners in strength training it is recommended to select the weight with which they can perform about 15 reps; first you have enough sets of three. More experienced athletes can be advised to work in a range of 5-8 repetitions; the first two sets should be for a warm-up – with a gradual increase in weight, 2-3 – working at full capacity. Rest between sets should be at least 2-3 minutes, so that you can fully recover to work with more weight. If you are preparing for a competition, the number of reps per set can be improved, and the rest between sets – cut.

The technique of exercises on a Side Lateral Raise Machine is simple. Sit on the simulator and get off at the starting position, with the help of a partner or a special pedal to ease the weight of the output to the upper position. Breathe in the air and slowly lower the weight down until your elbows are bent at an angle of 90 degrees strictly. Breathe out and at the same time squeeze the weight up fast and with a powerful force.

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