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People who are trying to bring their physical form in order and lift the thigh adductors, want to know what kind of exercise should be carried out. First of all, you should understand that such a hip adductor muscle, where it is located and what is meant. Resulting in the thigh muscles (adductors) – is the volume of the medial muscle in the series. They are located above the thin muscle and begin with a short tendon.

Seated Abductor Machine is easy to confuse, but with its help, completely different muscles of legs can be trained, which are actually more likely to work together to ensure a steady position of the body. Therefore, during training on the Seated Abductor Machine it is advisable to use both. The reduction allows the legs to work out the problem areas: the inner thighs (adductors).

Seated Abductor Machine for Training

The technique is the following: sit on a Seated Abductor Machine for the leg muscles, set the desired width between the cushions and the curb weight. Lean working trainer pads to the inner thighs. Take level position in the back, start smoothly to reduce hip to the center without jerks. Reaching the point of contact, make a small pause fixing movement. Return to starting position and repeat the movement.

Features. During this exercise, take care that the movements were not sharp, the maximum reduction in pause, returning to the initial position of the hip do not put the weight, keep your muscles tense.

Hydraulic Seated Abductor Machine works on the so-called principle of “two in one” and can simultaneously work on two antagonist muscles, which helps to increase muscle strength in the short term. Is based on the resistance of the liquid in the cylinder and the force required in both directions, depending on which type of movement you make – pushes or pulls of the moving mechanism. As a result, you need twice less time than on conventional Seated Abductor Machine, where flexor or extensor muscles only are engaged. It takes only half an hour to train all muscle groups. The drag force depends on the force and speed with which a person performs a motion simulator.

Seated Hip Abductor Machine to Swing Muscles

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