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Jogging and walking – the best friends of our well-being. What to take to be able to devote a little time to your own health? You need to buy a running exercise machine – a simulator, which is very popular throughout the world.

Benefits of running exercise machine: it takes a minimum of space in the building, the presence of a speed of movement control system simplifies the formation of the desired load level, there is a possibility to choose the most comfortable workout program, digital data enable us to determine the speed, heart rate, mileage, distance and workout time. Running exercise machine helps to maintain the shape of the leg muscles and the pelvis. It strengthens the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, as well as helps with weight loss. You can engage in it in all kinds of weather.

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By type running exercise machine can be divided into mechanical and electrical.

The principle of operation of the simulator is entirely dependent on the runner who sets it in motion. By and large it is more suited for “serious” runners, who are not afraid of high loads, because the canvas is rotated only by an external force. Its main advantages are: lack of electricity consumption; low weight – easy to transport; proximity to natural outdoor outing.

The negative sides are: the imminent onset of fatigue; the lack of special training programs; not recommended for people with foot problems (e.g. varicose veins).

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The main advantages of electrical running exercise machine: availability of on-board computer, which allows you to set the duration, the intensity of the workout and conveniently displays the heart rate and calories burned; thanks to the electric motor does not require applying effort to drive the belt. Running exercise machine has specific training programs that can be used for training, and to create new or adjusted, depending on their preferences.

Negative side of electric running exercise machine: price is higher than the mechanical analog. But here you need to decide on the priorities and capacities, to choose a suitable option.

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