Pull Down Machine

Pull Down Machines for a Perfect Body

Universal Pull Down Machine for training is related to the study of lat. Simulator unit is mounted above the head engaged to perform the upper link. Special rollers, which are adjustable in height, fix thigh of athlete during exercise. The simulator is equipped with handles for narrow and wide grip.

The Pull Down Machine lower link is carried on a special seat. At some distance from the cable and the handle is grooved area, which while having rest is against athlete’s foot. Simulator for vertical thrust – one of the best for the development of the broad muscles, it distributes the load evenly, being safe and comfortable. Pull Down Machine for the top link allows you to change the load, depending on the physical preparation of the athlete. The simulator can be used by athletes of different weight, height and build, and high design makes it possible not to restrict freedom of movement of the arms. Machine for the top link is equipped with two handles: for wide and narrow grip.

Pull Down Machines for Training

Muscles working with training on Pull Down Machine of vertical thrust are: latissimus dorsi, trapezoidal, rhomboid, breast, biceps, forearm, and brachialis.

In fact, the top link to the chest on the Pull Down Machine – it is nothing like pulling up; you do not only work with your weight, but also with blocks.

This exercise is an analogue of the exercise “tightening wide grip”, but with a slight difference. In this exercise, we will consider now, you can adjust the weight, put the load that you can lift and carry out your plan of the number of repetitions. Yet it is not as effective as a pulling exercise. Our task will be to distribute the load on the back muscles purposefully, while minimizing the work of the biceps.

Gym Pull Down Machine for Workout

Sit as close as possible to the Pull Down Machine. Take a wide grip of hand on the handle. The back is very slightly tilted back. Lean feet on rollers, so that your body does not rise up and down.

Slowly pull the handle to the chest until it touches it. Elbows at the same time laid back, back straight and caved in the back. Next, return the handle slowly to the starting position fully straighten your arms, but do not hold the weight, so that the muscles were tense. Perform the desired number of repetitions. On average, it is about 10-15 repetitions during 3-4 sets.

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