Lying Leg Curl Machine

Lying Leg Curl Machine for Fitness

Many athletes, coming to the gym, pay all their attention to quads, forgetting about their antagonists (hamstrings). As a result, there is an imbalance and legs look disproportionately. To avoid this, it is imperative to train inner thighs.

Bending of feet on a Lying Leg Curl Machine is the isolation exercise, which is directed to work through the back of the thighs (hamstrings). It has several advantages with respect to another simulators, as in physiology, bend the legs while lying, it is less convenient and easier than doing it while sitting, so it’s more effective. Well, to the disadvantage is that this type of simulator is not very common.

Lying Leg Curl for Sports

Although, at first glance, the exercise on Lying Leg Curl Machine does not look too complicated, but if you do not adjust the treadmill for yourself, then the whole exercise can be wasted or worse yet, you can get injured.

Underdeveloped hamstring muscles create the conditions for the knee injury during physical activity. A typical example of such injuries are injuries of professional football players who have been strong in the presence of underdeveloped quadriceps hamstring.

In addition to preventing injuries developed hamstrings visually reduce the buttocks, as well as contribute to the reduction of fat in the legs.

Lying Leg Curl Machine for Training

To start the exercise on Lying Leg Curl Machine you need to take the correct position on the simulator for bending the legs lying. It is necessary to lie face down on the bench so that your knees hang from the edge of the bench. Otherwise, if the knees during exercise will lie on a bench, injury is inevitable. Adjust the position of the rollers of the working of the Lying Leg Curl Machine, so they comfortably accounted for the back of the leg.

On each side of the Lying Leg Curl Machine handles must be available to have the ability securely take them in order to make the most rigidly fix the body Inhale and powerful force of the rear surface of the thigh muscles bend the leg at the knee joint. With the passage of the most difficult point of the amplitude of the exercises you need to exhale. At the top you need to make a small pause and then start the reverse movement. When choosing a Lying Leg Curl Machine you should prefer simulators, which are equipped with a curved bench.

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