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In order to strengthen the upper body, including trainings at home, you can execute one of the most effective and available exercise. Indeed, for its implementation you do not need anything, except fg800 power tower, which can be easily installed at home or in the yard, and the desire to work. Pull-ups are a group of basic exercises, during which multiple muscle groups and joints work. Its main difference from the popular thrust is that, instead of pulling the projectile to him, the athlete pulls the body to the bar horizontal bar. You can work either with your own weight and use the extra weights. Fg800 power tower is a special fitness machine with a counterweight, which can be found in any gym. It is used for pull-ups. Its advantage lies in the fact that a person with any weight will be able to catch up with it.

The technique of pull-ups performance on the fg800 power tower is described below.

FG800 Power Tower An Exercise

In order to perform a pull-up, it will be sufficient to establish the necessary counterbalance and take a position on a special platform, which will raising up and going down changing the load.

Using the fg800 power tower, after further pull-ups the upper block cravings follow for strengthening the muscles involved in the process. Working on such a program, you can quickly learn to do pull-ups on your own without the help of the simulator.

The most effective activity for strengthening the upper body area is the fg800 power tower as the load can be shifted on the chest or triceps, depending on the performance of exercise equipment. To exercise the chest muscles on the simulator you should take up the lever so that the palms face your body. For triceps load dilute elbows side and phalanges directed to each other. It is worth noting that before the push-ups on fg800 power tower it’s needed to do a warm-up in order to reduce the risk of injury when working with large weight. Simulator for pull-ups and push-ups allows you to control the load, ensuring the safety of each session.

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