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Elliptical Machines for Training

Elliptical machine is the most modern type of simulators, which are increasingly gaining popularity among users. Of great interest to the elliptical trainer is dictated by its total security in terms of the impact on the joints during exercise. In addition, this type of simulators during training on them, allow working out your back and shoulder girdle. The very elliptical trajectory movement gives a sense of lightness and high ground during a training session. As with any mobile simulator the ellipsoid trains cardiovascular and respiratory systems, strengthens muscles of the legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, shoulders and arms. Buying an elliptical machine will be one of the best shopping in your life.

Elliptical trainers are distinguished by the unit load system:
Belt – load in these ellipsoids is achieved by means of a belt, which slows down the flywheel clamping. With such a load system, you can create quite a lot of effort while running on the simulator. Disadvantage of this type is a little noise (the belt rubbing against the flywheel) and not enough smooth load distribution.

Elliptical Machine Workouts for Training

Magnetic elliptical machine – load of simulator in such approximation is achieved by the plate with the magnets to the flywheel and flywheel thereby slowing down the action of a magnetic field. Advantages of this type of sports equipment are that it is absolutely silent and system load is evenly distributed. This type of simulators can be divided into ellipsoids with manually adjustable load and automatic. Electromagnetic elliptical machine – the load in such simulators is achieved by creating an electromagnetic field between the induction coil and the flywheel. Almost all modern elliptical trainers are equipped with a computer, which controls the main training indicators, such as: exercise time, speed, distance, heart rate during a workout.

Before you buy an elliptical machine, you should take into account the weight of the user and dimensions of the simulator. Elliptical trainers also differ from each other by a long step. In the home gym the length of step varies from 25-33 cm. In the more expensive and larger in size, the length of the step reaches 55 cm.

Elliptical Machine Workout For Fitness

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