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It’s hard to create perfect body only with some basic exercises, so you need to use isolation exercises, and exercise for the pectoral muscles is no exception. Typically for breast various options for layout dumbbells are recommended and rightly so, but the layout of the hands on the Butterfly Machine has its significant advantages. One of the most important is to maintain the peak intensity at the end that is lost in the pulling hands with dumbbells. Simulator for the exercise Butterfly Machine can be of different types.

Exercise is named so because it resembles the movement like flapping of butterfly wings. It is aimed at the development of pectoral muscles in particular at the center – the median strip pectoral. The main muscle action is the sternal portion of the pectorals major muscle. This muscle is a bigger part of the chest wall, and not only adds to the volume of the breast, but also works with the shoulder muscles to turn the hands inward and outward.

Butterfly Machine for Workout

Shoulders must be pressed into the back of the Butterfly Machine, and the blades are brought together. In any case do not open the shoulders and shoulder blades on the back. This removes the burden from the chest. Elbows should look to the side, not down. When you reduce your hands, it is advisable to straighten the elbows, to further reduce the chest. Expose the seat height of Butterfly Machine so that the grip was about mid-chest level. Allowed to offset up or down by 10 cm, but no longer. Then you will have to work out more lower or upper part of the chest, respectively. Do not be too hard to raise your hands. Optimally, this is when the hand reach the plane of the chest, or still slightly ahead. So breasts stretched enough. If you clean the brush on (for breasts plane), it will cause excessive stretching of the chest muscles. This exercise on Butterfly Machine is not basic. Therefore, it is perfect for working out the pectoral muscles after 1 – 2 basic exercises. Do not chase weights. If you cannot do at least 8 reps clean, it reduces the weight.

One of the significant advantages of the Butterfly Machine compared with free weights (for example, breeding dumbbell) is that the resistance remains constant during the entire movement. If the resistance decreases with weights at the top of the trajectory.

Butterfly Machine for Muscle Growth

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