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Abductor Machine for Sports

Simulator Abductor Machine widely used all in gyms, absolutely by all visitors, both men and women. It is intended to form the beautiful internal and external forms of hip, thigh muscles pumped, such as adductor longus muscle, the hamstrings, broad medial and lateral, and rectus femoris. Abductor Machine for the inner and outer thigh muscles is popular among women because it allows influencing the shape of the hips actively. During operation of the equipment a uniform load on entire range of motion is created. Thanks to the design features and the materials from which the machine is configured, it is possible to operate with intensity 12 hours a day or more. The simulator has been successfully used in rehabilitation purposes; it is widely used in sports medicine to restore the elasticity of muscle fibers and is very effective in the formation of the correct shapely thighs, which caused its popularity among women.

Flattening feet in the Abductor Machine, you can count on: strengthening the muscles inner thigh; lifting, resulting adductor muscle; better shape and smooth lines in the inside of the thighs; increasing the basic stability (balance) while driving; improved gait and posture; reduction of injuries associated with the weakness of the hip muscles.

Standing Abductor Machine for Body Workout

This is one of the most unpretentious exercise, which is almost impossible to make a mistake. Self-actuation on Abductor Machine means moving the body part (in this case the leg) toward the center of the body. When you sit on the Abductor Machine, the movement is to overcome resistance when approaching the hips, originally spaced.

To get the maximum benefit from the exercise on Abductor Machine, follow these tips: slowly spread your legs slightly without bringing them to the starting position; in the intervals between sets stretch the adductors, using, for example, the lotus posture sitting and pressing your knees by hands. Use exercise as an aid in training, adductor muscles, and put it at the end of training after the main volume. If you feel that in latter approach you can no longer perform the exercise in full range, use the quick series of truncated repetitions.

Standing Abductor Machine to Swing Muscles

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