Vertical Traction

Vertical Traction for Sports

Implementation of Vertical Traction is considering the maximum number of groups of back muscles. Only Vertical Traction model enables it to exercise maximum technical clarity, much superior to the possibility of cable systems. So – repeatedly to increase the effectiveness of each workout!

Vertical Traction is a special simulator to train the muscle strength of back and arms. The exercise is performed along the guide path in a sitting position, tightly pressed to the back, and is pulling the hands downward, with the capture of two independently moving levers. The load is adjusted with the help of the weight stack, which provides control of various types of loads depending on athlete. Sitting with your back to the simulator, as well as the lining for the back and encourage correct posture trajectory. The trajectory provides a greater range of motion for the back muscles. The plane of movement is the front shoulder, which ensures a comfortable trajectory. Independent arms help to develop a balanced force.

Vertical Traction for Exercise

For the convenience of working with a trainer handles, buttons and tabs are yellow. Even the most inexperienced user can easily see the adjusting means and correctly set up the equipment without the assistance of a trainer.

Merge of new constructive ideas and IT-technologies make it possible Vertical Traction unprecedented in its effectiveness trainer for back. Technological capabilities allow the athlete to exercise self-control without the aid of a coach. Clear equipment – rapid progress. Have backrest eliminates the deviation of the body during traction. Train professionally – achieve goals faster! How fast do the exercise, how much rest between sets, for what length of the amplitude of the work – to all these questions Information Display U-GO will provide answers. Keep track of changes in your training. The results of studies on the Vertical Traction can be stored and analyzed with Wellness System to further improve your training program.

Vertical Traction for Gymnasium

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