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Sorinex Power Rack to Swing Muscles

Sorinex power rack is robust and reliable metal constructions, which are used for the convenience of performing such exercises like squats, deadlights, lunges with a barbell. Racks are designed to perform sit-ups.

Power rack is a mandatory attribute of a full gym and are intended for professionals and novice athletes. Going to the pole using frames, racks are considered a basic and most effective for the growth of the power indicators and to overcome the so-called “dead spots”.

Sorinex Power Rack for Home

Features of sorinex power rack are listed below. Professional models are equipped with removable hooks that securely hold the neck of the bar. Special stops at the front of the bar for adjustable height depending on your height. The frames and sorinex power rack, presented in the catalos are stable, robust and durable in use. Power multifunctional frame: the upper rungs can be used for pull-ups and Davis. Vertical strips of sorinex power rack are arranged at an angle, duplicating the angle of the bar bench athlete. Construction provides reliable insurance: subject to proper technique exercise classes using load frames and racks are safe. Improved design of sorinex power rack not restrict movement and allow you to bench press or squats with maximum amplitude, which allows to train with full dedication. Power frame and racks provide safety training without a partner.

Power frame is designed for the following purposes: pull-up group, rack for squats, stand for the bench, power frame of sturdy thick-shaped tube, adjust the height of each horizontal bar, adjust the height of the bar fasteners (hooks), standard holes for “rod hooks” – 28mm, different diameter grip on the bar (28 mm, 31 mm to 50 mm (1/4 “, 1”, 1.25 “)), individual distance between the sorinex power rack (standard 115mm), corrosion protection and high-quality powder coating, possibility of using other equipment.

Sorinex Power Rack for Sports

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