Seated Calf Raise

Seated Calf Raise with Dumbbell for Sports

Seated Calf Raise is equipped with swivel footrest, which maintains a vertical position to simulate squatting and provides a complete range of motion during exercise of calf muscles. Ratchet seat adjustment backrest allows you to adjust the starting position of movement. Large, non-slip and wear-resistant rubber footrest allows users to easily do both exercises. Users can easily add extra weight to increase the load by simply pressing the lever.

Seated Calf Raise for the thighs and calf muscles will help to maximize the benefits of exercise and to avoid congestion. It will be appreciated by those whose life is connected with sports, where a person requires strong and powerful legs: football, basketball, volleyball, and athletics. Before dealing with the simulator, first you need to install it to your size and strength. Each Seated Calf Raise has a regulating device load (force with which you lift the weight). However, whatever trainer you would choose the principles of performing the exercise are the same. If you make raise on your toes while sitting, and the weight rests on your lap, then you need to make sure that your feet from slipping off the stop and the most important thing is not to carry out sudden fast movements.

Seated Calf Raises for Body Workout

Adjust the Seated Calf Raise for the development of the calf muscles to your height. Stops of the Seated Calf Raise should lie on the shoulders, feet, toes facing forward (as they may hold any other of the two positions). Finger pads should be securely abut on the step of the simulator. Keeping your back straight, lift arm simulator, straightening the knees and hips. The knees should remain slightly bent, never straighten them completely. Toes should be pointing forward, inward or outward. This is the initial position. Rise on your toes, straining calf muscles. During the implementation of the exercise knees should not bend, they should be fixed. Before returning to the starting position, stay at the maximum muscle tension for a moment. On the exhale slowly return to starting position, dropping down on the toes until the stretching sensation in the calf muscles. The best option to increase calf muscle is to train on a Seated Calf Raise once a week 3 sets of 12 – 15 reps.

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