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Fitness equipment Rercoline with free weights and loads discs is preferred by professional or semi-professional athletes. Once again it must be stressed that free weights are much more traumatic for the individual exercise and a safety partner is needed.

When you select Rercoline you should pay attention to the maximum weight that simulator is able to withstand. It is necessary to check the settings and adjustments, convenience and reliability. Not the last role is played by ergonomics – training should be comfortable.

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The argument in favor of Rercoline is that you can improve your athletic performance, while becoming stronger. Speed, synchronization, coordination and flexibility are improved, you should include in your training program technically challenging exercises, such as lifting barbell on your chest, snatch or jerk.

Furthermore, there is a psychological factor associated with digits only. Installation on the neck provides more motivation than the movement of the stops on the simulator.

You want to strengthen and enlarge shoulders, chest, arms at home, but do not know how to do it? The simplest solution – to buy Rercoline simulator. The simulator has a dumbbell shape, allowing you to work more effectively over the muscles of the upper body. The latest technology used in its development, improves the effectiveness of training compared to conventional dumbbells. It uses strength training muscle dynamic inertia. When the load is set in motion, it shakes and immediately jumps in the opposite direction, resembling the movement of the piston; the shock wave at the same time causes the muscles to contract at high speed – up to 240 times per minute. Swaying, dumbbell sets the rhythm and makes it maintained during the entire workout. Shaking is convenient to combine with some other exercises – for example, the rise and the rotation of the hands to the sides. For those who want to make the elastic chest muscles, you need to keep the dumbbell with both hands in front of Rercoline.

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According to the manufacturer, with the Rercoline you will achieve the desired result, spending a minimum of effort and time: some 6 minutes a day, and the muscles of your shoulders, chest, and arms become irresistible.

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