Power Rack EliteFTS

Scholastic 3x3 Basic Full Power Rack With Weight Storage Elitefts

The simulator power rack EliteFTS for the bench is designed for presses with a heavy barbell powerlifting or bodybuilding, which can be placed at a height from 700 to 1150 mm from the floor, with a pitch of 50 mm. The height of the bars in the simulator restrictive power rack EliteFTS for bench press varies from 550 to 850 mm. High harnesses rods can withstand powerful impact forces arising from the fall of the bar. Power frame for a press rod is equipped with extensive supports for insuring partner that allows the athlete to submit the post and reliably insure it during training.

There are different exercises to increase muscle mass. Experienced athletes prefer to use for this purpose a power rack elitefts for the press, which is made of thick-walled metal profiles. As a rule, power rack rod is used as a support during squats or for bench-presses. Classes on the simulator frame for the bench help the athlete in the short term to achieve effective results and move on to heavier weights. Power rack EliteFTS with a bench is made of steel profiles of square section. The rod can be placed in the range of 700 to 1150 mm in steps of 50 mm.

3x3 Basic Collegiate Power Rack Elitefts

Painting of the rack for the press rod is performed by powder spraying in 2 layers. After painting, the surface is treated with varnish. In the base case power rack EliteFTS with a bench painted in the color “metallic diamond” and some elements highlighted “antique silver”. The soft components are made of modern and durable materials: interior of the rack bench – imitation leather on a solid basis of caproic 1.5 mm thick; filler – PSF (polyurethane secondary foaming); frame – solid plywood reinforced with a steel plate 3 mm. Dimensions of power rack EliteFTS for bench press: length 1300 mm, width 1250 mm, height 1200 mm, mass construction of the rack 115 kg.

Indispensable equipment – rack rod – makes it possible to significantly load the muscles and to overcome the so-called “dead” point. Catching up with the reception for the rod, the athlete has the opportunity in the shortest time move to heavier weights, cope with the plateau.

Stand under power rack EliteFTS allows you to perform such important weightlifter exercises like bench press barbell from the chest lying down (sitting), hanging and pulling up on the bar, squats on the shoulders and on the chest, leg lifts in a vise and a number of useful actions.

Isometric Power Rack Elitefts For Training

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