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Power rack is a necessary attribute for a safe and comfortable working with a bar in the hall or even at home! As a rule, the most commonly used device for squats will add to the uprights bench enough to get a full athletic bench for the lift in the supine position, however, the support in this case should have a small height so that was convenient to take a projectile during exercise.

In addition, the power rack dimensions can be used to carry out “regime army” and other options bench standing, lying down. In general, it can be called a universal stand device for training, furthermore, which can be done independently.

Power Rack Dimensions for Home

The first option consists of two interconnected by a frame. The long side of each of them is equipped with several stops, which are held by shell neck. If you have any difficulties while lifting weights with the athlete can use limiters in the bottom of the frame. Power rack dimensions are identical to the construction described above, with one difference – they are not as high and are more suitable for squats with a shell on his shoulders.

Used, but not so often, the option racks separated frames without connecting element. This option is not the best due to the increased instability of the structure. Working with such a device it is important to ensure that at the moment of return to the starting frame of the projectile point symmetrically located with respect to each other.

Moreover, too lightweight power rack dimensions can lead to the fall of the projectile and, as a consequence of – injury. The only solution in this case may be the strengthening struts – using bolts, with the help of which the structure is screwed to the floor.

Power Rack Dimensions for Gym

In order not to have problems during the work with the racks, to make them better in a solid design based on telescopic uprights themselves relatively small height. The main drawback of devices may be approximate coupling beams at the feet of an athlete in a position where he would have to remove the shell from the racks. Therefore, if you plan to make your own design, place the cross beams a little further.

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