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What exercises and tools are the best for growing weight? Only those that have best grown strength! This physiological axiom is proven with long-term practice of professional athletes. In addition, there is a huge number of different simulators, lounging dumbbells and vultures in the fitness clubs, but one device is particularly effective and multifunctional – a muscle motion power rack.

With help of rack you can perform basic exercises with heavy weights (absolute safety is ensured by pins-limiters). In addition, another important point is that the intensity of exercise, if desired, may be simply prohibitive! It is caused with the same pins-limiters that allow you to drill down to the “abandoned” trainings without worrying at the same time the rod can pin down at the most critical moment, because if something happens, you can simply complete the exercise, lowering the bar to the pins – limiters. Of course, all these features provide a useful tool in training. Moreover, not for nothing that many bodybuilding champions have in their gyms muscle motion power rack and if you’re going to visit a gym try the one with muscle motion power rack.

Muscle motion power rack consists of 4 upright posts which are usually fastened on. The frame kit includes 2 (4) long pin-stoppers used for the rod bearings, or to limit the range of motion. The same removable frame is equipped with two hooks, which are fixed at the same height relative to each other, on the racks. They are installed to the location of the bar. Usually there is a powerful platform grooved in the lower part of the assembly.

Free weights perfectly raise muscle mass. When basic exercise with free weights are carried out in the muscle motion power rack, their efficiency is markedly increasing in some cases. It improves the safety and overall. This is what creates the unique and important combination of efficiency and safety exercises.

Sports psychologists have long noticed that the muscle motion power rack frees an athlete from an excitement before the big scales. By the way, a statistic says that amateur athletes are training with weights lower than actually could do. This difference amounts to 15-20%! It’s just a game and becomes a power frame, which allows you to train with weights limit, with or without a partner by turning off while fully with excitement to be pinned under a large weight training.

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