Homemade Power Rack

Sport equipment “power rack” can be found in gyms, but only in the large and most professional ones. Homemade power rack is not only a trainer, which supports athlete, but also is equipped by so-called “mast” inside its bench and it is difficult to find such an exercise that cannot be performed on this trainer.

There are many different versions and variants of the rack (simple, with nozzles for discs, with “open” top – without overlapping at the top). In general, they have the same design: the frame itself, and fear pins, adjustable in height, which are intended to insure the athlete during exercise. Basing on these figures, and photos, as well as using old drawings and schemes of old textbooks, we have designed our own, homemade power rack, with Bole comfortable in our opinion a modification of its elements. In particular, we wanted to choose from all the options the most optimal and achieve simplicity and compactness, while significantly strengthening its reliability.

With regard to simplicity and compactness, homemade power rack should not be equipped with the rear additional frame for hanging discs (it is done in the lower right and upper ones), as in this case, its size is significantly increased and it becomes significantly heavier, requiring huge place in the gym or in the room. In the latter case, it is particularly important to make homemade power rack.

As for the strengthening of reliability, all designs are used for hedging on the sides of the frame just pins, adjustable in height. Whereas in our case harnesses overlap – this profile (square) pipe, which is already inserted pins. This harness design of homemade power rack is more reliable and secure. It is able to withstand considerably more weight than the pins. In addition, if the rod falls on the pins – it is not known how it would end, while the fall of the bar on the profiled pipe – primarily bends down it, and the pin below would not be damaged.

10 Photos of the Homemade Power Rack

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