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Deltech power rack allows you to perform exercises such as deadlifts and squats with a barbell on your shoulders (and not only them) as much as a safe and effective manner. The fact that the design of “Power frame” refers to the presence of traps stops adjustable for height. Stops playing trap, especially, the role of insurance. Furthermore, they allow defining and controlling the desired range of motion when the many exercise with free weights.

Therefore, deltech power rackis indispensable for learning the technique to perform many exercises with free weights. As mentioned above, the development of the deadlift and squat with a barbell on your shoulders, we begin using the simulator “Hydraulics”. However, this is only the first step. Then we translate our patients to perform these exercises in deltech power rack. At first these exercises are performed in the form of lockouts (Stops traps do not allow the patient to perform the movement to a greater amplitude than it can afford, and eliminate the risk of complications or trauma), but with a small load, and then the amount of motion gradually increases to be used in the power types sports.

Deltech Power Rack for Sports

That is not all. We decided to improve the structure of a conventional deltech power rack. Those who are familiar with this shell, you know that, as a rule, change the height of the stops on existing traps “Power framed” is possible only through 10-15 cm. We have improved the design and now we can do it in 5 cm, which is very important for our patients. However, changing the design of deltech power rack did not stop there. We have established firmly attached to the entire construction site, and added a couple more stops traps. This made it possible to perform the same deadlifts and squats not only the dynamic, but in isotonic mode.

Let me explain that isotonic mode is a synthesis of dynamic and isometric strength work. Starting projectile motion with the lower stop-traps, we immediately run up against a fence-trap placed slightly higher. It is here that begins isometric tension. Thus, you can use lightweight shell and at the same time to get serious (for a given level of physical development), deltech power rack, without any risk of injury or complications of the disease.

Deltech Power Rack for a Perfect Body

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