Cable Jungle

Cable Jungle for Press Development

Reach your goal! Such results are promising for users by Cable Jungle technology, which was created by Life Fitness. These simulators will help you to load your muscles force in any direction. Free trajectory, which depends on the athlete and the number of exercises that can be performed on this equipment, will effectively train the strength, stability and balance.

Restorative equipment with the most complete feature set, which provides the ability to perform 25 different exercises without the need to change anything. All opportunities offered by the Cable Jungle now for the first time at your home. The simulator is designed and made in accordance with the principles of biomechanics, using the same materials as for commercial gymnastic equipment.

Cable Jungle for a Flat Stomach

Exquisite and elegant design of Cable Jungle is combined with unparalleled functionality, and a distinct advantage – just a half square meters of floor space.

Due to the unlimited choice of shells – large simulators, multi-functional simulators, simulators with built-in weight or with two weight stacks – the attention of customers is attracted by the Cable Jungle. Simulators of this series are able to interest visitors, and thus attract regular customers, which will increase the revenues that bring personal training program.

Cable Jungle helps all to achieve excellent results. It provides the freedom to choose the path of movement and force vector. When the gym classes can train different muscle groups at the same time: to work with one or two hands or feet, using different weight loads. Using trainer in gym simplify personal sessions with clients: the coaches will be able to create an infinite number of personal programs through a variety of simulators and ease of management. With the ideal of functional trainers Cable Jungle can develop the necessary muscle groups, strength of which is needed in daily life. With these simulators, older people will develop confidence in the movements, athletes will be able to better prepare for the competition, and those people whose work is connected with physical activity, can help with specific exercises to protect themselves from injury.

Cable Jungle for Home

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