Become Stronger With 2×2 Power Rack Training System

Ordinary 2x2 Power Rack

2×2 power rack is complex to perform strength exercises, including work with the bar and other free weights. Power frame is used for a number of exercises; including the presence of devices on the type of horizontal bar, which can be used as a shell to perform crossfit exercises. Power rack is a universal frame shell; it is possible to attach a weight bench to perform bench presses and other strength exercises. Thus, the 2×2 power rack will fit for a home gym or a fitness center.

Reliable 2×2 power rack will help overcome the “dead” spots in the exercises. The simulator power frame is used as a safe support for complex exercises and eliminates the need for “insurance” in some movements: for example, in the bench press or squats. Unlike another multifunctional simulators, 2×2 power rack provides uniform congestion and muscle tension. 2×2 power rack is designed to work with professional training or weightlifting barbell, supplied with 4 removable solid stop and restrictive harnesses rods, providing the convenience of permutations and easy removal of the neck.

2x2 Power Rack With Bench

Basically, 2×2 power rack (also called a power cell or squat frame) consists of four vertical uprights connected to each other to improve stability. The distance between the uprights is different, however, the standard size – is 122 centimeters in length, 122 centimeters wide by 213 centimeters in height. In order for an athlete to carry out inside a power rack exercises such as squats and bench presses, racks drilled holes into which are inserted a stop for the neck. Moreover, one can also use special stoppers harnesses having multiple functions. In addition for preventing injuries, harnesses the power rack stoppers allow partial isometric and heavy movements. With heavy partial movements the burden can be accentuated on the amplitude of the strongest points of the exercise. For example, problems with powerlifters in the final section of the amplitude of the dead rods can execute them with a level just above the knees, which will focus on weak areas.

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