Back Pull Down Machine

Back Pull Down Machine for Gym
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Even in ancient times, a powerful torso in the form of an inverted trapezoid was a symbol of the male figure. In addition, to this day, looking at the magazines about bodybuilding, we admire beautiful spins on pumped athletes. Do you want to be escorted with admiring glances on the beach? No problem, just buy a Back Pull Down Machine and start practicing! When training the back muscles you have to follow some rules: work […]

Pull Down Machine

Available Gym Pull Down Machine
Available Pull Down MachinePull Down Machines for TrainingPull Down Machines for a Perfect BodyAvailable Pull Down Machines

Universal Pull Down Machine for training is related to the study of lat. Simulator unit is mounted above the head engaged to perform the upper link. Special rollers, which are adjustable in height, fix thigh of athlete during exercise. The simulator is equipped with handles for narrow and wide grip. The Pull Down Machine lower link is carried on a special seat. At some distance from the cable and the handle is grooved area, which […]

Dumbbell Chest Press

One Arm Dumbbell Chest Press for Fitness
How to do Dumbbell Chest Press for Weight LossBall Dumbbell Chest Press for FitnessBall Dumbbell Chest Press for Muscle DevelopmentFlat Dumbbell Chest Press for Sports

Dumbbell Chest Press is not the most popular simulator, as many people prefer to exercise the press muscles on the floor. However, this much they are losing: bench can become an indispensable tool in the fight against overweight. Usually beginners recommend horizontal bench press: it is the most versatile and designed for heavy weight. As, for example, bench-press with a bend, you can also see in sport shop, its purpose is narrower, and the degree […]

Fitness Gear Utility Bench

Weight Utility Bench for a Perfect Body
Fitness Gear Utility Bench for SportsFitness Gear Utility Bench for WorkoutUtility Weight Bench for a Flat StomachMarcy Utility Weight Bench for Workout

To make your body perfect, it is necessary that the abdominal muscles have been worked out as much as possible, especially before the beginning of the summer. In order to work out the abdominal muscles there are so many different exercises, but the most effective and efficient way to clean up your tummy exercises are performed on the Fitness Gear Utility Bench. This is one of the easiest simulators, but it is in any gym. […]

Butterfly Machine

Butterfly Machine for Training
Butterfly Machine for Muscle GrowthButterfly Machine for EducationButterfly Machine for HomeButterfly Machine for Workout

It’s hard to create perfect body only with some basic exercises, so you need to use isolation exercises, and exercise for the pectoral muscles is no exception. Typically for breast various options for layout dumbbells are recommended and rightly so, but the layout of the hands on the Butterfly Machine has its significant advantages. One of the most important is to maintain the peak intensity at the end that is lost in the pulling hands […]

Biceps Machine

Biceps Machine for Fitness
Available Biceps MachineBiceps Machine for MenBiceps Machine for FitnessInexpensive Biceps Machine

Biceps Machine is intended to train the triceps and biceps. Thanks to the spring lock integrated simulator easily can be translated into different working positions. The same clip allows you to select and adjust the range of motion when performing both exercises. Professional Biceps Machine is equipped with a seat that is height adjustable. On all nodes of rotation in Biceps Machine bearings are used. The simulator is equipped with a rubberized metal tiles and […]

Lying Leg Curl Machine

Lying Leg Curl for Fitness
Lying Leg Curl Machine for SportsLying Leg Curl Machine for Muscle DevelopmentLying Leg Curl for Body WorkoutLying Leg Curl Machine for Body Workout

Many athletes, coming to the gym, pay all their attention to quads, forgetting about their antagonists (hamstrings). As a result, there is an imbalance and legs look disproportionately. To avoid this, it is imperative to train inner thighs. Bending of feet on a Lying Leg Curl Machine is the isolation exercise, which is directed to work through the back of the thighs (hamstrings). It has several advantages with respect to another simulators, as in physiology, […]

Leg Curl Machine

Leg Extension Leg Curl for Home
Leg Curl Machine for TrainingLeg Curl Leg Extension for SportTrainer For Leg Curl Leg ExtensionLeg Extension Leg Curl for Home

Rise on your toes on the simulator for the leg press is used by athletes to develop leg muscles, not only in bodybuilding, but also in other active and playing sports where the foundation is running, walking and jumping. Anatomically extensor muscles of tibia are presented by gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. The first is on the rear surface of the lower leg. It is the top of caviar and due to good relief it’s seen […]

Upper Back Exercise Machine

Upper Back Exercise Machine for a Flat Stomach
Upper Back Exercise Machine for SportsUpper Back Exercise Machine for HomeUpper Back Exercise Machine for TrainingUpper Back Exercise Machine for Muscle Development

Pull-down exercise has as its main goal: the elaboration of the broadest muscles of the back, which are also referred to medium wings. Secondary muscles are the biceps, shoulders and forearms. The long head of the triceps acts as a dynamic stabilizer. Upper Back Exercise Machine gives top athlete, the following advantages: relatively rapid progression in the working balance; an increase in the width of the back; V-shaped profile of the torso, a narrow waist, […]

Ez Bar Curl Weight

Cheap Weight Ez Bar
Weight Ez Bar for WorkoutEz Bar Weight for WorkoutInexpensive Ez Bar Weight

It is no secret that the use of the Ez Bar Curl is one of the most effective ways to keep your body in perfect shape. Buy the right neck for the rod is not the easiest problem to solve. In particular, if you do not understand the specifics of the projectile. When choosing, you should start from, of course, of planned usage. These can be tools for home training or professional work in the […]