Side Lateral Raise Machine

Side Lateral Raise Machine for Workout
Machine Lateral Raise to Swing MusclesSide Lateral Raise Machine for TrainingMachine Lateral Raise for TrainingAvailable Machine Lateral Raise

If you want to pump up the pectoral muscles, you need to work hard on this in the gym. Arriving at the modern gym, you can find several variants of trainers for pectoral muscles, but the principle of operation of such simulators is divided into two types: the Side Lateral Raise Machine and stretching. These two options for breast simulators perfectly complement each other, any professional athlete performs stretching exercises after breast exercises bench press, […]

Seated Calf Raise Alternative

Seated Calf Raise Alternative for Training
Available Seated Calf Raise AlternativeSeated Calf Raise Alternative for HomeSeated Calf Raise Alternative for GymSeated Calf Raise Alternative for Muscle Development

Inflate the calf muscles and make beautiful legs is hard, but it is possible. It is difficult, because the feet are accustomed constant load, when we’re walking. In addition, it becomes possible through proven Seated Calf Raise alternative exercises that can effectively train this muscle group. As always before exercise, before you start to do the exercises on the calf muscles, these muscles need to be warmed up. Self-massage will help you, its the benefit […]

Seated Calf Raise

Seated Calf Raises Machine for Sports
Seated Calf Raises Machine for Body WorkoutSeated Calf Raises Machine for SportsSeated Calf Raise for TrainingSeated Calf Raise for Body Workout

Seated Calf Raise is equipped with swivel footrest, which maintains a vertical position to simulate squatting and provides a complete range of motion during exercise of calf muscles. Ratchet seat adjustment backrest allows you to adjust the starting position of movement. Large, non-slip and wear-resistant rubber footrest allows users to easily do both exercises. Users can easily add extra weight to increase the load by simply pressing the lever. Seated Calf Raise for the thighs […]

Seated Abductor Machine

Seated Abductor Machine to Swing Muscles
Seated Hip Abductor Machine for TrainingSeated Abductor Machine for WorkoutSeated Hip Abductor Machine for GymSeated Abductor Machine for Sports

People who are trying to bring their physical form in order and lift the thigh adductors, want to know what kind of exercise should be carried out. First of all, you should understand that such a hip adductor muscle, where it is located and what is meant. Resulting in the thigh muscles (adductors) – is the volume of the medial muscle in the series. They are located above the thin muscle and begin with a […]

Hip Abductor Machine

Hip Abductor Machine for Gym
Hip Abductor Machine for Body WorkoutThigh Abductor Machine for TrainingAvailable Hip Abductor Machine StandingHip Abductor Machine for Gym

Among the large selection of the fitness equipment, first of all pay attention to the so-called Hip Abductor Machine. If you have a specific purpose – namely to develop the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, there are highly specialized trainers. This is a simulator for buttocks and thighs to perform swings down. You also need to pay attention to the fitness equipment with pedals that use their own weight during exercise as a load, […]

Abductor Machine

Abductor Machine for Body Workout
Standing Abductor Machine for Body WorkoutSimulator Abductor MachineAbductor Machine for SportsAbductor Machine to Swing Muscles

Simulator Abductor Machine widely used all in gyms, absolutely by all visitors, both men and women. It is intended to form the beautiful internal and external forms of hip, thigh muscles pumped, such as adductor longus muscle, the hamstrings, broad medial and lateral, and rectus femoris. Abductor Machine for the inner and outer thigh muscles is popular among women because it allows influencing the shape of the hips actively. During operation of the equipment a […]

Shoulder Pull Down Machine

Chest Pull Down Machine for Gym
Seated Pull Down Machine for TrainingAvailable Seated Pull Down MachineChest Pull Down Machine for Muscle DevelopmentSeated Pull Down Machine for Gym

Among the professional sports equipment, which is intended to equip a fitness center, a very popular is the shoulder Pull Down Machine. It is a machine, involving advanced technology strength training in the sports industry. Training on the simulator lever contributes to the development, growth and strengthening of various muscle groups of the back, chest, shoulders, arms and legs. Exercises to build muscle, exercising on shoulder Pull Down Machine, require adherence to proper technique. A […]

Lateral Pull Down Machine

Lat Pull Down Machine for a Flat Stomach
Lat Pull Down Machines for HomeLat Pull Down Machine for a Flat StomachLat Pull Down Machines for GymLateral Pull Down Machine for Workout

When carrying out this exercise, most of the burden falls on the direct and oblique abdominal muscles of the hand, after which flexion occurs. The same muscles on the opposite side are also involved in the so-called “static stress”, which does not allow the body to fall below the horizontal level. Also square loin muscle is involved in this exercise. The simulator Lateral Pull Down Machine – is an innovative device of the latest generation, […]

Back Pull Down Machine

Back Pull Down Machine for Education
Back Pull Down Machine for EducationBack Pull Down Machine for a Flat StomachBack Pull Down Machine for a Good FigureBack Pull Down Machine for Body Workout

Even in ancient times, a powerful torso in the form of an inverted trapezoid was a symbol of the male figure. In addition, to this day, looking at the magazines about bodybuilding, we admire beautiful spins on pumped athletes. Do you want to be escorted with admiring glances on the beach? No problem, just buy a Back Pull Down Machine and start practicing! When training the back muscles you have to follow some rules: work […]

Pull Down Machine

Pull Down Machines for a Perfect Body
Available Pull Down MachinesGym Pull Down Machine for a Perfect BodyPull Down Machine for a Perfect BodyPull Down Machines for a Perfect Body

Universal Pull Down Machine for training is related to the study of lat. Simulator unit is mounted above the head engaged to perform the upper link. Special rollers, which are adjustable in height, fix thigh of athlete during exercise. The simulator is equipped with handles for narrow and wide grip. The Pull Down Machine lower link is carried on a special seat. At some distance from the cable and the handle is grooved area, which […]