Abdominal Belt Exercise

Belt-simulator for the press abdominal belt- is a new word in the field of fitness. Thanks to this innovative system your life will finally change! The secret operation of this belt lies in the unique device Electrical Muscle Stimulator – scientific development, designed to strengthen the muscles work. That means an end to the debilitating exercises! Originally it was developed by EMS-scientists physiotherapists for the rehabilitation of patients with severe muscle damage. Once this technology […]

Abdominal Electric Belt

Without the ability or desire to actively engage in sports, and to adhere to strict diets, we are looking for “magic” remedies that can save us from excess weight. One of the most popular ways of correction is an abdominal electric belt. Using electrical pulses slimming belt is actively working on the muscles to stimulate them. Thanks to an electric discharge, muscles work in enhanced mode and start the process of burning calories in the […]

Rowing Cardio Machine

Every self-respecting modern gym has a specially dedicated space for cardio, which is called a cardio behalf. What is the infamous cardio, what are the kinds of simulators, as well as what are their functional differences between each other? All this will be discussed in our article. Most of these simulators are quite suitable for use at home. Does this mean that the acquisition of any of them will replace the other? After all, the […]

Abgymnic Belt

Among all the means to exercise the muscles electromyostimulator has gained popularity lately, for example, a belt press simulator Abgymnic. Its principle of operation is simple: under the influence of weak electric pulses muscles contract, so they are training even without your effort. Such training “for the lazy” became possible after the development of such simulators for pilot-cosmonauts – in a state of weightlessness, their muscles may atrophy, so these devices allow you to keep […]

Stomach Ab Belt

Slimming stomach ab belt is designed to reduce body fat in the most problematic area – at the waist, it effectively helps in conjunction with exercise and diet, significantly reduces the required load and is very convenient in everyday use. Typically stomach ab belt is made of a durable rubber material providing body insulation. By warming up the muscles during exercise (not necessarily excessive, quite the usual walk) the burning of fat in the waist […]

Muscle Motion Power Rack

What exercises and tools are the best for growing weight? Only those that have best grown strength! This physiological axiom is proven with long-term practice of professional athletes. In addition, there is a huge number of different simulators, lounging dumbbells and vultures in the fitness clubs, but one device is particularly effective and multifunctional – a muscle motion power rack. With help of rack you can perform basic exercises with heavy weights (absolute safety is […]

Homemade Power Rack

Sport equipment “power rack” can be found in gyms, but only in the large and most professional ones. Homemade power rack is not only a trainer, which supports athlete, but also is equipped by so-called “mast” inside its bench and it is difficult to find such an exercise that cannot be performed on this trainer. There are many different versions and variants of the rack (simple, with nozzles for discs, with “open” top – without […]

Power Racking

Today common sport equipment is installed at home for personal use. Availability of strength training at home – this is the best option to maintain a good physical fitness, vitality, health improvement and strengthening health. Trainer for sit-ups, a universal frame, power racking and rack rod are ideal for domestic use. They can be bought in any special store or ordered by Internet. This sport equipment acquires not only professional athletes, but also fans of […]

Rubber Dumbbells

Regardless of the complexity of the exercise program for fitness and bodybuilding, rubber dumbbells are an integral part of it. With such training it is easier to orient their action on some parts of the muscles and accurately distribute the load. Exercises using weights affect on the same muscle group, but there is no multeity, so it’s best to buy rubber dumbbells, the use of which is much wider. Buying dumbbells you should take into […]

Hex Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells are designed for training in gyms, CrossFit halls, sports facilities and at home. Rubber grenade in these dumbbells has good shock absorption, that is an important factor when buying dumbbells for the gym. Purchasing a set of hex dumbbells, you do not need to waste time assembling dumbbells for weight change. Exercises with hex dumbbells are an important part of most weight training programs. Dumbbells are used to develop different sets of training, […]