Power Rack PPR200X

Professional Power Rack PPR200X
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The main objective of the universal power rack ppr200x for installation in home bar is at the desired height and width. Adjusting the width of the structure makes it possible for any length of vultures. A height adjustment provides comfort when performing exercises with a bench, squats and bench standing, allowing the athlete to choose a comfortable position. Experienced bodybuilders prefer to use for this purpose power rack ppr200x – structure in the form of […]

Power Rack EliteFTS

Isometric Power Rack Elitefts For Training
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The simulator power rack EliteFTS for the bench is designed for presses with a heavy barbell powerlifting or bodybuilding, which can be placed at a height from 700 to 1150 mm from the floor, with a pitch of 50 mm. The height of the bars in the simulator restrictive power rack EliteFTS for bench press varies from 550 to 850 mm. High harnesses rods can withstand powerful impact forces arising from the fall of the […]

Compact Cardio Equipment

Engage in outdoor activities in a cold weather is not so comfortable. It is also very difficult to find the time for regular visits to the fitness club. However, it is not recommended to interrupt the scheduled workout if you want to be healthy and maintain a perfect figure. In order to regularly engage in fitness at home and do not depend on the weather conditions the cardio was invented. Compact cardio equipment aimed at […]

Gym Cardio Equipment

Professional trainers are designed to equip gyms, fitness clubs and sports institutions. Modern sports industry today allows you to buy full propulsion and gym cardio equipment and is customized to achieve specific goals: formation of muscle mass in certain areas of the body, burning excess fat and adjust the figures. The main difference between these simulators of home systems is to improve the strength characteristics, silent operation and a higher price. Gym cardio equipment presented […]

Abdominal Fitness Equipment

Belly and flanks are ones of the most problematic areas in the female body, which often accumulate fat, and it’s quite difficult to deal with that. We present you a few tips on how to make a thin waist, as well as the most effective abdominal fitness equipment for weight loss from belly and sides. Hula-hoop, or as it is called hoop – it is sports equipment, which is used in the training of the […]


Abshaper is an unique simulator that can strengthen the abdominal muscles and provide a flat stomach. While wearing the Abshaper all the abdominal muscles are activated as well as activates the load on the oblique muscles of the thighs and waist. The simulator Abshaper is very simple and easy to use; it has 8 modes of loads, as well as its structure is arranged in a comfortable position control system for a head. Benefits of […]

Abdominal Muscle Belt

Who among us wants to look beautiful and to forget about the problem of excess weight? Surely, it excites a large part of the population, and this is a sensitive issue for both women and men. The most effective means of losing weight are exercises. Running, gymnastics – exercises in motion when the body spends calories. Slimming abdominal muscle belt will help to strengthen the effect of exercises. It is designed to combat obesity and […]

Abdominal Belt Exercise

Belt-simulator for the press abdominal belt- is a new word in the field of fitness. Thanks to this innovative system your life will finally change! The secret operation of this belt lies in the unique device Electrical Muscle Stimulator – scientific development, designed to strengthen the muscles work. That means an end to the debilitating exercises! Originally it was developed by EMS-scientists physiotherapists for the rehabilitation of patients with severe muscle damage. Once this technology […]

Abdominal Electric Belt

Without the ability or desire to actively engage in sports, and to adhere to strict diets, we are looking for “magic” remedies that can save us from excess weight. One of the most popular ways of correction is an abdominal electric belt. Using electrical pulses slimming belt is actively working on the muscles to stimulate them. Thanks to an electric discharge, muscles work in enhanced mode and start the process of burning calories in the […]

Rowing Cardio Machine

Every self-respecting modern gym has a specially dedicated space for cardio, which is called a cardio behalf. What is the infamous cardio, what are the kinds of simulators, as well as what are their functional differences between each other? All this will be discussed in our article. Most of these simulators are quite suitable for use at home. Does this mean that the acquisition of any of them will replace the other? After all, the […]