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Best Wrist and Ankle Weights

Sports wrist and ankle weights are designed to increase the load during exercise and increase the efficiency of sports activities. At employment with the weighting body receives the load more than usual, increasing the intensity of training, actively burns calories.

The result of using wrist and ankle weights: muscles are trained better, muscle mass increases, body fat decreases, endurance and strength performance increase. According to their filling these accessories are divided into bulk and plate. The bulk weight of wrist and ankle weights are achieved at the expense of product poured into special sand, in the plate – at the expense inserted in special pockets of metal plates.

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Typically, bulk weights – cheap cuffs for hands (or feet) and belts. The disadvantage of these models is that the fabric wears out quickly and the sand begins to fall out. Also disadvantages include the inability to adjust the weight of the weighting.

Plate weights are more practical and versatile. Weight in them can be adjusted by inserting and removing the plate. Initially, you can buy a weighting greater weight than necessary. Just at first remove the extra plate, and eventually gain weight if necessary.

Pay attention to the following models to choose the best wrist and ankle weights for effective workouts. The cuffs or bracelets. Worn on an arm or leg at the discretion of the athlete. The basis for the production – elastic or rubberized material. The optimal weight is equal to 2.5 for the wrists and 5 kilograms for fastening at the ankle. Gloves. The weights for the hands in the form of gloves – a solution for application mainly in the framework of martial arts. Increase strength and impact velocity. The average weight range – from 0.5 to 1.2-1.5 kg per product. Belt. Universal accessory for use in different sports areas. It does not produce a high load on the spine and provides uniform weight distribution. Firmly attached to the belt and allows to train without discomfort. Load – 20 kg in average. Vest weight material. A convenient alternative to the previous model; previously was used in the preparation of special forces soldiers to train stamina, agility, strength. Range of gravity – 5-50 kilograms.

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