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In most cases, Olympic weight set is purchased for home use. They have the ability to adjust weight. Movable weights consist of several parts (discs), each is removable. Some owners of gyms acquire such Olympic weight sets because they are compact and easy to use.

Dumbbells collapsible consist of chrome or rubber-coated discs. These parts are mounted on the neck by a thread locks. This mount gives ease during training.

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Disks attached to the dumbbell are very reliable. This allows using projectiles safe and comfortable. Folding 20 kg Olympic weight sets are professional and consist of rubber-coated disks. In order to prolong the life of the collapsible dumbbells of 20 kg, they are manufactured from high quality materials. Folding dumbbell of 10 kg is manufactured from chrome-plated handle with a special knurled.

Olympic weight set is good even for novice athletes. Due to their weight regulation they can even be used by teenagers. The minimum weight that can be done is 2-4 kg, while even 300 lb Olympic weight set can be found. If the weight became too small, you can purchase a separate disk and install the received collapsible dumbbells of 30 kg or more without problems.

There are some standards of manufacturing of Olympic weight set. The handle should be made with diameter of 25 mm. Capacity is calculated at the time of testing. There is a determined price for each disc. With this you can easily calculate how much the dumbbell with the necessary weight for you will cost.

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Olympic weight set is a quality, economical, efficient element of every home or professional sports hall.

Steel is the best material for the manufacture of discs. Such material has a higher density. High-quality training holders provide a compact storage of dumbbells. You can buy collapsible dumbbells of 60 kg of steel in our sporting goods store at any time.

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