Dumbbell Racks

Dumbbell Racks for Training

Dumbbell Rack is a wonderful device, which allows you to place more dumbbells, but use less space. The compact dimensions of the device make it easy transportation and installation, even in a very small space. The whole structure has been treated with a special tool that will protect it from corrosion, scratches and other damages. Since this device is designed to hold large loads, only the best metals were used to create it.

Dumbbell Rack can be called one of the most advanced devices, which is intended to accommodate and hold a dumbbell. Now you don’t need to worry on account of the fact that such equipment will occupy a lot of space, as holders for the dumbbells are divided into several series. The design of the Dumbbell Rack due to its shape allows using it for a long time without any damage. Thanks to the new design of the device there is an opportunity to have several pairs of dumbbells. Reliable and durable Dumbbell Rack significantly expands training opportunities to the fitness center with a minimum use of space. It allows storing dumbbells necessary for training with free weights compactly. It provides systematization in storage of training inventory, allowing users to easily find the right dumbbells for training. Speaking about the specifics of the production of this equipment, some important points should be noted.

Dumbbell Rack for Fitness

Absolutely all designs are made of solid steel sections, joined by welding; individual parts Dumbbell Racks machined in one piece with them. Products are painted with powder paint, and on request you can buy Dumbbell Rack almost any color. Proposed racks have no sharp protrusions and prevent the dumbbells fall limiters.

With access to the storage Dumbbell Rack, you can sort the shells on the coating type, color and weight. The height of the structure is optimal for all users.

Consisting of 2-3 stores, as well as in the shape of “Christmas trees” horizontal and vertical Dumbbell Rack guarantee the order in the room and provide all concerned with convenient access to the shells of the desired weight. When selecting such equipment you should take into account that each stand for dumbbells accommodates a specific number of pairs.

Dumbbell Rack Set for Fitness

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Dumbbell Racks for FitnessDumbbell Rack Set for TrainingDumbbell Rack Set for WorkoutDumbbell Rack Set for FitnessDumbbell Racks for SportsDumbbell Rack for SportsDumbbell Racks for TrainingDumbbell Racks for WorkoutDumbbell Rack for TrainingDumbbell Rack for WorkoutDumbbell Rack for FitnessDumbbell Rack Set for Sports

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