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Bumper plates are needed to ensure that you have received from the exercise maximum benefit and choose for themselves a comfortable weight. You can not buy a pair of bumper weight plates and constantly increase the weight. This is the only way you can make your muscles more strikingly in order to obtain the desired results, while lifting the same can only strengthen your body a little.

Bumper plates set price is not great for the rod. So you can easily buy it and enjoy the results.

Top 10 Barbells and Bumper Plates in 2017

The average person can quite easily get lost in a variety of manufacturers and make the wrong choice. It is pricy to make the research of them by your own. Therefore, it is difficult to understand where it is low, and where too large.

First of all, you need to define the required material for power accessories. Bumper plates can be iron and composite. In addition, they can be painted or have a rubber, chrome or plastic sheeting. In the manufacture of the rod drives resorted to one of two methods: casting or metal. Then they are covered with paint, chrome and rubber coating is applied.

Barbells and bumper plates weights are designed for the assembly of simulators, training and free weights during strength training, they can also be used as a self-sports equipment. They allow conducting classes both in the home and in gyms.

Best Bumper Olympic Weights

There are several versions of barbells and bumper plates. The shells are made of high grade steel, are characterized by high strength and corrosion resistance. Color barbells and bumper plates are made of solid steel, have an additional layer of high-quality rubber adhesive on a solid basis.

They have several advantages: they don’t damage the floor surface, do not publish a knock during training, and eliminate slipping of hands during the change of weights.

Depending on the diameter of the sleeve neck and arm dumbbell Barbell discs have a different bore diameter: 26 mm is mainly used for training dumbbell, 31, 51 mm – for sports bars and weights.


12 Photos of the Bumper Plates

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