Adjustable Dumbbells

If you are highly motivated athlete, you can achieve amazing results while exercising in your own gym. The main advantage is that there is no crowd, you do not spend a lot of time trying to get to the room, dress that you like, exercise at any time and listen to music, what you want.

What equipment do you need to buy for a home gym? You need the following equipment to become successful “home” athlete. Adjustable dumbbell is the most important piece of equipment for a home gym. Dumbbells are very multifaceted and allow performing a variety of exercises. Moreover, doing exercises with adjustable dumbbell, you get great results because the body must use an impressive number of muscle fibers, just to stabilize them.

Dumbbells can perform a variety of purposes, depending on the type of exercise. Dumbbells weighing 1 kg will help you develop the sharpness and speed. To warm up before a heavy loads light dumbbells weighing 1-2 kg are suitable. Fitness dumbbell usually weighs about 3 kg. These dumbbells promote weight burning, without muscle increasing. It is possible that later you will want to increase the load, and you will come to us for heavier weights. For men, there is heavier adjustable dumbbell, because the male body is programmed to severe stress.

Adjustable dumbbell weighing 40 kg with a speed adjustment weight from 5 to 40 kg is designed for practicing power exercises. You can coordinate yourself its load by raising or lowering the level. System of formation of weight dumbbell lets you adjust each dumbbell weight as quickly as possible. It is enough to just turn the dial to the weight you want. A lock on the rotary mechanism automatically fixes or takes off the selected weight.

If you want to engage in high quality, but it does not clutter up the living space of a huge number of “iron” – the adjustable dumbbell – is the ideal solution. Swing dumbbell system allows you to increase the load and the intensity of your workouts, without increasing the volume of sports equipment. The dumbbell stand is ideal for adjustable dumbbells.

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