Lying Leg Curl Machine

Lying Leg Curl for Body Workout
Lying Leg Curl Machine for Muscle DevelopmentLying Leg Curl Machine for TrainingLying Leg Curl Machine for SportsLying Leg Curl for Sports

Many athletes, coming to the gym, pay all their attention to quads, forgetting about their antagonists (hamstrings). As a result, there is an imbalance and legs look disproportionately. To avoid this, it is imperative […]

Leg Curl Machine

Leg Curls Machine for Body Workout
Trainer For Leg Curl and Extension MachineLeg Extension Leg Curl for HomeTrainer For Leg Curl Leg ExtensionLeg Curl Machine for Workout

Rise on your toes on the simulator for the leg press is used by athletes to develop leg muscles, not only in bodybuilding, but also in other active and playing sports where the foundation […]

Upper Back Exercise Machine

Upper Back Exercise Machine for Sports
Upper Back Exercise Machine for SportsUpper Back Exercise Machine for WorkoutAvailable Upper Back Exercise MachineUpper Back Exercise Machine for a Flat Stomach

Pull-down exercise has as its main goal: the elaboration of the broadest muscles of the back, which are also referred to medium wings. Secondary muscles are the biceps, shoulders and forearms. The long head […]

Vertical Leg Press Machine

Vertical Leg Press Machine for Workout
Vertical Leg Press for WorkoutVertical Leg Press Machine for Body WorkoutVertical Leg Press Machine for SportsVertical Leg Press for Training

Leg curls while lying on the Vertical Leg Press Machine – an isolated exercise, and directed for exercising groups of the flexor muscles of the thigh. This will give you an opportunity to make […]