Vertical Knee Raise

Vertical Knee Raise
Vertical Knee Raise for Body WorkoutVertical Knee Raise for HomeVertical Knee Raise for a Flat StomachVertical Knee Raise for Workout

The secret of achieving a beautiful elementary shape: a proper diet and regular exercises. One of the best exercises for the abdominal area is a rise on a Vertical Knee Raise. Fulfilling its technically […]

Abdominal Fitness Equipment

Belly and flanks are ones of the most problematic areas in the female body, which often accumulate fat, and it’s quite difficult to deal with that. We present you a few tips on how […]


Abshaper is an unique simulator that can strengthen the abdominal muscles and provide a flat stomach. While wearing the Abshaper all the abdominal muscles are activated as well as activates the load on the […]

Abdominal Muscle Belt

Who among us wants to look beautiful and to forget about the problem of excess weight? Surely, it excites a large part of the population, and this is a sensitive issue for both women […]

Abdominal Belt Exercise

Belt-simulator for the press abdominal belt- is a new word in the field of fitness. Thanks to this innovative system your life will finally change! The secret operation of this belt lies in the […]

Abdominal Electric Belt

Without the ability or desire to actively engage in sports, and to adhere to strict diets, we are looking for “magic” remedies that can save us from excess weight. One of the most popular […]

Abgymnic Belt

Among all the means to exercise the muscles electromyostimulator has gained popularity lately, for example, a belt press simulator Abgymnic. Its principle of operation is simple: under the influence of weak electric pulses muscles […]

Stomach Ab Belt

Slimming stomach ab belt is designed to reduce body fat in the most problematic area – at the waist, it effectively helps in conjunction with exercise and diet, significantly reduces the required load and […]