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The easiest and the most popular aerobic exercise machine is a stepper cardio machine. It consists of two pedals, which initial position can be set by the user to simulate walking on uneven surfaces. Thus, the calf and gluteal muscles and hamstring muscles are effectively trained. There also exercise a positive effect on the cardiovascular system; produce a small fat-burning effect.

Simulators for the leg muscles and buttocks, called stepper cardio machine, gained a special popularity. These simulators are mainly designed for training leg muscles, buttocks, and ankle. In addition, a simulator, a stepper, a strain not only for the leg muscles and buttocks, but also develops endurance, strengthens the cardiovascular system and develops leg joints. According to the purpose of use, they are divided into categories: house stepper cardio machine is intended for training exclusively at home and professional steppers are designed for fitness clubs, sports or gyms. Mini-steppers are compact versions designed primarily for home workouts. The rotary steppers are completed with a special disc for training of the back muscles and waist. Most are equipped with a minicomputer for controlling basic training parameters. Elliptical steppers are equipped with handles for hand exercise, which increases their versatility and gives the opportunity to organize a comprehensive body workout.

Cardio Stepper Machine for Training

For use at home, first choose the type of simulator. Mostly people choose ellipsoids – usually due to their compact size and low price. These models are equipped with counter moves more often, which is quite sufficient for the effective exercise the right muscle groups. Ellipsoids are more popular in a commercial gym. These high-tech simulators allow you to control every step of training with the help of an onboard computer.

When selecting a stepper cardio machine you should pay attention to its loading system. Existing types – mechanical and electromagnetic machines. The first type is the simplest and intuitive, often presented in the compact home models. The second type – a high-tech, with a load simulators, differ smoothness and high functionality.

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