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Cycling is very effective if you want to lose weight in a short time. And no wonder, because within the hour 750 calories can be lost about. At the same time, not so hard to pass training process – at maximum load training usually lasts no more than 45 minutes. Catching up on the spinning bike in “hard-easy” mode, you can get relatively fast visible results on the thighs and buttocks, calves, precisely where cellulite is most often manifested. Another significant advantage is that cycling and spinning can be practiced at the initial stage of varicose veins, as there is little stress on the joints; it trains cardio vascular system and normalizes blood pressure.

The word “spinning” is also referred to a complex employment on special bikes designed by cyclist and athlete Johnathan Goldberg, better known as Johnny G. The latest innovation of Johnny G has become a special spinning bike designed for people with lower body injuries. The feature of the simulator is that the pedal does not revolve feet and hands. But his first bike and a special program of Johnny was invented and developed more than 20 years ago when looking for a way to exercise indoors, not outdoors. Issued by it spinning bike a few years later proved to be a very effective method of burning calories and cycling or spinning became popular all over the world.

Spinning Bike for Training

Spinning is good, above all, that can be independently set and change the intensity of exercise, depending on the level of fitness and health. Also, the spinning bike can be controlled by adjusting it for sportsman – to set the seat height, tilt, and distance between them. Those who for years engaged in spinning, say that after two weeks of active sessions there are visible results of training.

Spinning is a kind of imitation of the arrival of the group on spinning bike in a variety of modes (highway, up the hill, cross-country, the sand etc.). This means that there is large monitor with a moving and constantly changing picture-scenery in front of group of trainees. It creates the feeling that you actually ride a bike, and on what is the picture on the screen depends on the difficulty level of your “drive”. Agree to go in a straight flat road much easier than to pedal up the rocky path.

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