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Portable cardio equipment has been used for intensive training with the rapid pace for a long time. It has a significant impact on the weight loss process, cardio – vascular system and breathing. Power trainers act directly on the muscles requiring endurance. Training on simulators at home is not possible for some time. However, modern technology helps to create training portable cardio equipment for home, which you can lay down and make room at any time. Today trainers are compact, efficient and affordable. Folding simulator for the abdominal muscles can be both power and cardio stimulating.

For strength, there is training equipment that adds up and takes up little space, for example, a folding trainer press the ab roller. It is an arched metal structure, which allows you to perform the exercises while lying on an exercise mat. It resembles a low horizontal bar, which rests on the floor. Due to the unique design, the exercise on this portable cardio equipment does not strain your back and raise the tone not only the abdominal muscles, but also many others. Exercises on this simulator help to work on the various sections of the press. Operating feet, fixing the upper body, you strengthen the lower abs. Keeping legs in motionless position and exercising the body lifts, you develop upper section. When you exercise, involving action and the upper and lower parts of the body, you can train all of your abdominal muscles.

Exercises with rotations and turns exercise positive effect on the obliques. Cardio trainers are also available in the folding version. Especially popular folding elliptical trainer, which affects the abdominal muscles, buttocks, breasts. Folding Elliptical Trainer is a kind of a multi-functional station. Design features and principle of operation can simultaneously work on several muscle groups (load power) and cardiovascular (cardio). Elliptical trainers are on a par with the category such portable cardio equipment as cardio stepper, riders, treadmills, exercise bikes and rowing. In fact, elliptical trainers are a cross between the species in conjunction with other additional features.

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