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Professional trainers are designed to equip gyms, fitness clubs and sports institutions. Modern sports industry today allows you to buy full propulsion and gym cardio equipment and is customized to achieve specific goals: formation of muscle mass in certain areas of the body, burning excess fat and adjust the figures. The main difference between these simulators of home systems is to improve the strength characteristics, silent operation and a higher price. Gym cardio equipment presented today in the form of a large number of types and models which help to maintain the excellent form.

Among them are: simulating rowing, stationary bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, and others. They are specialized for working with a particular group of muscles, as well as the universal nature – act simultaneously on several groups (complex) muscles. Any sports models are divided into two types – free weights and cardiovascular equipment. First promote muscle development and increase muscle strength. The second body increase endurance rounded up fat formation and has a strengthening effect on the cardiovascular system of the body. Properly combined class in both forms provides the maximum effect. It is better to begin your workout with gym cardio equipment; it will warm up your muscles and help them to come to the tone. This part of the course usually takes 60% of the training time; the remaining 40% are assigned to the weights.

Cardio equipment includes steppers, rowing machines, exercise bikes and treadmills. They remarkably increase the endurance of the body, so they can improve the intensity of the training with each subsequent lesson. Gym cardio equipment is ideal for those who want to reduce their weight, because it helps to burn large amounts of calories. On-board computer, which is usually equipped with such simulators, allows you to set speed, shows the number of kilometers traveled, and also provides information about the number of calories burnt during the exercise. Gym cardio equipment is very useful if you have a treadmill at home. This saves time and money by visiting various clubs and fitness centers.

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