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Wonderful Dual Elliptical and Exercise Bike

It’s hard to believe, but even in the 21st century is still possible to reinvent the bicycle. Such was the development of the former cyclist and triathletes Brian Pate. In 2005, Brian had to admit that because of the knee and hip injuries, he could no longer jog. Then, to maintain the shape, he began to engage in the hall on the elliptical trainer, which is more often called a stepper. However, Brian was unbearably boring to engage the audience. And then he came up to attach to the stepper wheels and thus to ride on the road.

From the first prototype to the production model of elliptical bike ElliptiGO few years have passed. And now everyone wants to have the opportunity to buy such a wonderful elliptical bike and ride on it. ElliptiGO – is a hybrid of bike and elliptical trainer. In order to bring this very original, but uncomplicated device in motion, a user simply stands on his feet to push on the pedal platform, thus not to run, not to walk on the ground. So, it turns out that applying the same amount of effort as with gentle jogging, you’ll be able to move about three times faster than during normal running.

Wonderful Elliptical Bike

Moreover, according to the manufacturer, while driving on elliptical bike you feel in flight, because it feels like you running through the air just above the ground. Today there are three models of elliptical bike: 8C, 3C and 11R.

The junior modification is positioned as a pure entertainment type and is designed to drive across the plains. It has three speeds, weighs 19.1 kg with a length of 190cm. Average 8S has eight speeds and it is already possible to climb hills and hills. The weight is 20kg. The length is 190cm. And the most advanced modification is offered for $ 3,499 and has a carboxylic frame weight of 17.9 kg. It is assumed that it is designed for extreme driving. It has 11 speeds and is stained in a specially designed matte black color with flashes. All models have a cruising speed of 24km per hour and a maximum speed of 37 km per hour. Elliptical bike is available in three color versions – black, orange and green.

While the price of this elliptical bike led makes it not very accessible – the cost of ElliptiGO is from 1800 to 3500 dollars, but those who wished to make a purchase has already done it.

Elliptical Trainer Bike for Fitness Center

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