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Engage in outdoor activities in a cold weather is not so comfortable. It is also very difficult to find the time for regular visits to the fitness club. However, it is not recommended to interrupt the scheduled workout if you want to be healthy and maintain a perfect figure. In order to regularly engage in fitness at home and do not depend on the weather conditions the cardio was invented.

Compact cardio equipment aimed at improving aerobic exercise, can effectively fight against obesity and to train all the muscles of the body. Their group includes familiar to us: treadmill, exercise bike, orbitrek, spinbike, rowing machine and stepper.

Spinbike is compact cardio equipment, which can effectively conduct classes realistically simulating the arrival on track bicycle. Training on a simulator requires from the user a little more traffic intensity and effort than on a stationary bike. This cardio is ideal for beginners and simple cycling lovers.

Rowing machine is a cardio complex, which trains strength and endurance. The simulator is working effectively certain muscle groups, such as the muscles of the back, arms and legs and has a positive effect on the heart muscle and lungs. If you are fond of boating or doing it professionally, then this cardio is simply irreplaceable for you.

Stepper – one of the most compact in size cardio equipment. Exercises on this simulator mimic walking on stairs, due to which the main muscles of the legs and arms are utilized in. Stepper is of two types: dependent and independent swing pedals. Simulator with dependent pedals is moved simpler and inexpensive. The second type is different from the first and with greater functionality so chosen in order to load on each leg. Due to its small size, this compact cardio equipment is easy to operate and maintain in the house.

Another cheaper and more compact cardio equipment is stepper. Step platform allows not just to mechanically move your legs, but also to perform a variety of fun exercises to music. Going up to the platform as a stepladder, you train the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, and the use of dumbbells will simultaneously develop the muscles of the arms and chest.

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