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Do you want to ride a bicycle, but the weather behind the window is bad, or it’s middle of the winter season right now? There is a solution – you can buy a bike and cycling around the apartment. In this case, instead of riding a bicycle, you can use simulator AIRDYNE, and have nothing to lose because with the help of the bike, you can: fit your muscles into shape, while spending a minimum of time, strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve the performance of the respiratory system, to train your endurance, lose weight accumulated for the time spent without training on this bike.

Bike AIRDYNE refers to a type of vertical bikes. The simulator is used as aerodynamic load resistance. The harder the pedal simulator, the higher the load on the body. The device is perfect for both professionals and amateurs. The simulator allows training towards the upper and lower parts of the body at the same time or in succession. Equipped with LSD-type display, which records figures passed.

AIRDYNE for Sports

The patented technology uses air resistance of AIRDYNE wheel to create wind resistance, automatically increasing the resistance of the pedals to the user. Double action lever handles can be connected to the upper part of the training and core muscles, giving a full body workout.

The bike allows training the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the human body and safe strength training of the body muscles. Exercise on a stationary bike AIRDYNE is ideal for use in fitness and rehabilitation. The simulator fits for both home and commercial use.

Buying a bike the risk of a number of cardiovascular diseases reduces. In addition, it results in a figure of the desired shape, makes you more confident and helps achieve life goals. With the AIRDYNE you can train a solid variety of muscle groups, especially the back and legs, to develop and improve stamina, improve its tone.

AIRDYNE for Weight Loss

Many modern bikes are equipped with a variety of sensors and indicators that display information about what mileage you drove, how much calories you burn during a particular workout. AIRDYNE can be used at any age, and also at any level of training.

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