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Weighted Vests Review

In the lives of some street athletes sooner or later a time comes when the load weight of your own body is not enough and you need additional weight! The most popular solutions in such cases are weighted vest agent cuff.

However, what if we are not talking about an additional 5, 10 or even 30 kilograms, but about 50, 75 or even 100? In such cases there is only one choice – a belt with a chain for weights!

Weighted Vest Review

Leather weighted vest is used for weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting and fitness. It is used in the squat, bench press and the thrust rod. Belt for powerlifting must have a substantial thickness for maximum fixation of the lumbar region. It has a narrowing front. Such a weighted vest must not be used for weight training due to the inability to support the abdominal muscles.

It is advisable to buy belt pull-ups with weights if the athlete seeking to increase muscle mass. The fixtures using conventional belt buckles or shotgun. Belt safe pull-ups with weights cannot be used for jumping because of the possibility of damage to the spine.

Weighted vest for powerlifting provides: stabilization of the lower back muscles and the peritoneum; protection against damage while lifting weights; opportunity to exercise even after sports injuries.

Super Weighted Vests

Weighted vest with chain to additional burdens needs to be used for auxiliary weight exercises such as the pull on the bar or push-ups on the parallel bars. Thanks to it, you will improve the quality of muscles and increase the weight of the loads.

The weighted vest is made of a durable genuine leather whole thickness of 4 mm, the package also includes a wear-resistant metal fittings. A distinctive feature of the model is that it is quite easy to handle device. It has hooks located on both sides. This design allows the athlete to wear easily, remove and change the desired weight. On the stainless steel chain disks for dumbbells or barbells and dumbbells can be mounted. The maximum weight of the additional load – 100kg.

Dial the same extra weight for training with the help of jackets and weighting for the feet would be quite difficult, and more expensive, so the weighting belt is an excellent solution for those who plan to engage with the really big weights.

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