Stomach Ab Belt

Slimming stomach ab belt is designed to reduce body fat in the most problematic area – at the waist, it effectively helps in conjunction with exercise and diet, significantly reduces the required load and is very convenient in everyday use. Typically stomach ab belt is made of a durable rubber material providing body insulation. By warming up the muscles during exercise (not necessarily excessive, quite the usual walk) the burning of fat in the waist area is enhanced significantly. Such models are also useful for people suffering from pains in the spine as they perfectly stimulate blood flow.

Neoprene models with built-in heater contribute to more rapid heating, so the effect is faster (or available at reduced loads). A belt made of nylon mesh with intermediate oxygen transmission also gives a good result. This feature allows you to avoid allergic skin rash.

Massage stomach ab belt promotes lipolysis due to vibration. Massaging the problem areas, the belt turns the fat mass in the suspension, which is easily excreted from the body by physiological way after natural cleavage. Myostimulator stomach ab belt for slimming works by myostimulation muscles through electropulse devices. Belt design allows you to place an active device by any stretch of the waist and at different angles depending on the location of body fat.

Belt-sauna provides effective muscles warm-up. It is achieved through the electrical heating elements. The direction of heat energy is focused on the most problematic areas, allowing losing stomach weight without additional loads.

Magnetic stomach ab belt combines the effect of massage with magneto therapy. Built-in magnetic elements cause rhythmic muscle contraction. Also magnetic fields stimulate tissue regeneration and speed up metabolism.

There are models that combine the effects of vibratory massage and sauna, combining heating function with increased blood circulation due to vibration.

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