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In order to get the maximum bonus of visiting the gym, you need to know the technique of exercise and stick to it. One of the most popular exercises – leg press on the leg press machine. It simulates squats and completely uses the calf muscles. If it is done correctly, the shapely legs and trim pop will be provided.

Trainer leg press machine consists of several parts, assembled in the stand design. The main working parts of the simulator is a platform for the bench, with back and seat supports for canopies. Let us consider each of them. The platform for the bench – the bulk of which will be to work in mechanical exercise. The platform is of several types, depending on the manufacturer. Some platforms are entirely of iron, while others have rubberized stickers on the platform for the foot to comfortably set and it slipped. At the same time, the exercise absolutely doesn’t suffer from the surface of the platform – with the right bench feet do not slip. The weight is 25 kg. In addition to your own weight on the treadmill, you can add awnings, “disks” from 5 to 25 kilograms. Thus, the weight of the platform can be increased twice. Specially trained athletes hang and more, but it is not recommended for beginners, so as not to traumatize the muscles and spine. Seat with backrest – made of fairly soft material, but does not sink back ago. The seat of the leg press machine is adjustable in length; its headrest can also change its position. Some producers don’t provide a seat, and modify it as a back support that is not always convenient to perform the exercises. Support for awnings – is a bar protruding on either side of the leg press machine, where extra kilos can be added.

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Most bodybuilding experts note that bench and squats produce a similar effect – in their implementation leg muscles, buttocks and lower press are worked out. That is why strong athletes put these two exercises in the superset. However, between them there is a fundamental difference: the leg press machine practically does not work, most of the work falls on quads. Bench with your feet doesn’t require special calisthenics – most beginners perform this exercise quickly and accurately. During the lift it is possible to change the position of the feet and aiming to work out a certain muscle, and sit-ups affect all muscles of the legs.

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