Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells Set for Sports

Adjustable dumbbells are great sports equipment. They help to increase endurance, increase muscle strength and improve joint mobility and posture, gain athletic look. There are dumbbell cast, i.e. a fixed weight and collapsible, allowing to change the weight of the projectile. Cast dumbbell – two metal spheres connected by a handle. There are light (1 – 2 kg), medium (4 – 6 kilos) and heavy (more 7kilogramm) dumbbells.

In fact, adjustable dumbbells are a kind of tool in the gym, with the help of which you can do the exercises for different muscle groups. They can even replace trainers, and sometimes they conveniently “sharpen” the technique of performing various exercises. Usually, the newcomers use vultures and power racks, but forget about dumbbell, although it should be the first training apparatus.

Weights Adjustable Dumbbells for Body Workout

The design of the dumbbell is divided into solid and collapsible. Solid dumbbells are two balls (hexagon) with the handle in the middle. In the case of hexagonal prisms to the ends of the shell is provided by its stability. Dumbbell made of cast iron or steel. Iron can be simply painted, but the rubberized dumbbell is easier to work, and it looks more aesthetically pleasing. Collapsible Dumbbell consists of ribbed neck and removable drives.

Buying adjustable dumbbells for a particular sport (for instance, fitness), it is advisable to buy the weight, envisaged by exercises. Use of collapsible dumbbells will be uncomfortable because of the mobility load.

It is necessary to determine the maximum weight of the dumbbells. This is due to the exercises to be performed, and your ambitions, namely, what weight you want to achieve. Note the minimum weight step. Make yourself a smooth weight gain, without ignoring the original physical training.

Adjustable Dumbbells for Sports

Another aspect is the diameter of the adjustable dumbbells. At the top of the bar there is a section, it will be able to save a good idea at the same diameter of discs. Using a small dumbbell discs at the bar will ensure a smooth set of weights. Regarding the importance of dumbbell weight (from 500 gr), appearance (depending on the preferences and fantasies) and usability (smooth, flat, covered with rubber, with grooves for carrying).

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