Abshaper is an unique simulator that can strengthen the abdominal muscles and provide a flat stomach. While wearing the Abshaper all the abdominal muscles are activated as well as activates the load on the oblique muscles of the thighs and waist.

The simulator Abshaper is very simple and easy to use; it has 8 modes of loads, as well as its structure is arranged in a comfortable position control system for a head.

Benefits of AB Shaper are: built-in cylinders provide therapeutic massage and unbeknownst to you develop different muscle groups and effectively strengthen the abdominal muscles, buttocks and legs. It has 5 different levels of tilt, making this machine comfortable for people with various models. You can adjust the load simulator training and the size of your height. Thanks to high-quality materials for lining arms and back exercises bring not only a great result, but also a pleasure. It has a robust construction and ergonomic design and Abshaper is easy to use.

Special control system allows you to choose the most appropriate level of inclination from five proposed. The simulator also provides three function modes for users with different height.

Simulator for press Abshaper is your main weapon in the struggle for the perfect body, which you want so much. In an incredibly short space of time you will be able to train all of your abdominal muscles and tighten other muscle groups.

Such a variety of combinations will allow making the most effective program for weight loss and exercising abdominal muscles. Abshaper can withstand the weight of up to 120 kg and can rightly be considered the best home exercise equipment for both women and men.

Formation of the abdominal muscles is important not only for the beauty of the body, but also for health, for strengthening the muscles of the back and abdomen – the key to a healthy spine.

Most people focus on training one muscle group, but trainer Abshaper will help you to equally develop all the major muscle groups, not to create a muscle imbalance.

Exercises on a simulator Abshaper are recommended for only a few minutes each day. Nevertheless, if you regularly do several approaches in a short time you will receive incredible result!

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