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Among all the means to exercise the muscles electromyostimulator has gained popularity lately, for example, a belt press simulator Abgymnic. Its principle of operation is simple: under the influence of weak electric pulses muscles contract, so they are training even without your effort. Such training “for the lazy” became possible after the development of such simulators for pilot-cosmonauts – in a state of weightlessness, their muscles may atrophy, so these devices allow you to keep the muscles toned. Eventually, electromyostimulator Abgymnic is used in hospitals for the recovery of muscle activity of bedridden patients, and then in the cosmetic clinic.

Thus, they are now accessible to every human being. The belt press simulator for Abgymnic belongs to number of electric myostimulators, and is designed for use for training abdominal muscles, forearms, biceps and triceps hands, calf muscles, front and back of the thigh leg and buttock muscles.

When using the simulator belt Abgymnic not only tones the muscles, but also optimizes the metabolism, stimulates the breakdown of fat deposits, activates liquid circulation system in the body. Besides, during use a skin structure improves.

During the application simulator belts press Abgymnic it generates electronic impulses cause intense muscle contraction and provide conditions for more rapid detoxification, and accumulated toxic substances and fat which is split. This fact is very important for the improvement of blood circulation, as it is known that the blood flow is hampered due to excess fat. According to many reviews, the intensity of energy consumption, which promotes the breakdown of fat in the body and thus the utilization of calories increases during the use of the simulator for the press.

Power is supplied from outside the standard set of batteries, which is very convenient. You can adjust the intensity of the specific load and compile the various exercise programs. This device – a real godsend for women who can use it to strengthen their traditional problem areas – stomach muscles, hips and buttocks. Especially effective the use of simulator Abgymnic belt in combination with traditional sports.

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