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Belly and flanks are ones of the most problematic areas in the female body, which often accumulate fat, and it’s quite difficult to deal with that. We present you a few tips on how to make a thin waist, as well as the most effective abdominal fitness equipment for weight loss from belly and sides.

Hula-hoop, or as it is called hoop – it is sports equipment, which is used in the training of the abdominal muscles. It helps to get rid of excess weight in the waist area. Working with the hula-hoop is very effective; the hoop causes the body to burn up to 100 calories in just 10 minutes of training. At the same time, it strengthens the muscles, has a massaging effect on the problem areas, and stimulates blood circulation improvement. The complexity of using the hoop depends on two factors – the diameter and its weight. The heavier the projectile, the harder it is to turn, but the better the result of training. This also applies to the diameter of the hula-hoop, beginners and children are encouraged to choose the hoops with a smaller diameter to gradually increasing the size, thereby increasing the load.

There are so many exercises with a ball to strengthen the press. This abdominal fitness equipment is often called a fitness ball or fit ball. The unstable surface of the ball is constantly kept on their toes muscles, its circular shape ensures that the full amplitude of movements. Thus, the upper part of the abdominal exercise effectively develops the “curl on the ball” on the lower part of the press positively affect “reverse curl on the ball”, “pulling the knees on the ball.”

It is worth noting that when performing exercises on the ball to press the abdominal muscles are in constant tension, while affected by the deep abdominal muscles and muscles-stabilizers, which are not worked out in the aerobics sessions. Strengthening the abdomen with the help of exercises with abdominal fitness equipment is an effective and gentle method of improving your own figures. Exercises using the extra weight create an increased load on the muscles and, due to this, they are considered more effective. For this reason, the use of dumbbells in your training will be able to accelerate the achievement of the desired results.

Dumbbells are the essential element of home fitness. They become fast friends of yours in the fight for a healthy body and fit figure. Choose the method you like, make a plan for daily workouts and follow it. Just after 7-10 days of intensive training with abdominal fitness equipment, you will see the progress, and two weeks later all the people around you will notice the effect.

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