Abdominal Belt Exercise

Belt-simulator for the press abdominal belt- is a new word in the field of fitness. Thanks to this innovative system your life will finally change! The secret operation of this belt lies in the unique device Electrical Muscle Stimulator – scientific development, designed to strengthen the muscles work. That means an end to the debilitating exercises!

Originally it was developed by EMS-scientists physiotherapists for the rehabilitation of patients with severe muscle damage. Once this technology has been started in the fitness industry, millions of people got a chance to create a press, which previously could only dream of. According to the results of recent studies the EMS is seven times more efficient than conventional exercise.

Abdominal belt is a new, improved model of a familiar to many AbTronic, by 2 times more powerful, which will double your results. The main change is the latest 2-channel technology designed for two different muscle groups simultaneously.

With abdominal belt exercise, you can significantly improve muscle tone without any effort! As long as your muscles work, you can do anything: to work at a computer, cook, watch television or engage with your appearance.

There is nothing easier! Wrap the belt-simulator for the press abdominal belt around your waist, turn the unit on, and light electrical impulses instantly make your muscles contract. Belt is capable of inducing at least 400 beats per minute.

There is also combined slimming belt, which successfully combines thermal and vibrio effect. That is, the abdominal belt exercise sauna slimming enhanced vibration element, which stimulates the burning of fat, and warming up helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid. Such abdominal belt exercise is the most versatile and effective, so with its help you can lose weight, get rid of cellulite, remove the stomach, and improve the overall condition of the body without resorting to tedious exercise and exhausting diets. Belt-sauna for weight loss with a thermal effect ensures rapid elimination from the body of excess fluids and toxins, due to which there is a “breaking” orange peel skin, weight loss and general cleansing of the body.

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